Info in English

Opening hours:

If you need AKS before school we open our doors at 7.30. They are then closed again at 8.00. Come to matsalen to sign in (use door C). From 8.15 the children can play in the school's playground with supervision from both school and AKS.

When school finish for the day AKS is ready. We close at 16.45.

What does it cost?

We offer 5 days a week for 3174 NOK. The pupil can then attend AKS every day after school.

We also offer 3 days a week for  2145 NOK. With this arrangement the pupil can attend AKS 3 days a week. You choose which 3 days and let us know. This also applies for the school holidays, when AKS is open. If you want to change days we need to know this a month in advance. 

You also have to let us know a month in advance before changing between the two offers.

How to apply:

Send an e-mail to You will then recieve a contract which you will have to fill in and return to us.

How to terminate the contract:

Send an e-mail to where you state that you want to terminate the contract. We require a notice 3 months in advance (valid from the 1st in the month after written notice is handed in) before the contract is terminated. The contract can not be terminated after February 1st.